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Jan 6, 2010

Yoga Marketing — How to Build and Market Your Yoga Business

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If you are in the process of or thinking about building your own yoga business, I want to offer you a few marketing tips that will really help you meet your business goals more quickly.  My background is actually in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and in business coaching for holistic practitioners.

My intention in writing this is to help more yoga business owners succeed, as I truly believe that this form of business is one of the most profoundly helpful services available to people in our modern world.  I have been an avid student of many forms of yoga, including Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, and most recently, Core Power Yoga.

Actually, the Core Power Yoga business model is one to follow closely if you are intent in succeeding in your own business.  I have paid close attention to their franchise model and am very impressed.  Their classes are consistently packed with 30-100 students and you can just tell that they have tapped into a way of marketing that is really working for them.

business yoga3 Yoga Marketing    How to Build and Market Your Yoga Business

Yoga Marketing Tips

Part of this is the palpable quality of good, pure energy that they intentionally create in their yoga studios.  Every Core Power studio I have been to has the same tangible aura of high-vibrational, uplifting energy that permeates the environment.  The importance of this is not to be underestimated.  I have found these studios to have a strong magnetic pull; they literally suck you in and make you want to come back for more.

The teachers in Core Power Yoga are generally very high quality, inspired, and engaged people who have a genuine passion for teaching yoga.  I have been to other yoga centers where these qualities were missing, as there was a general flatness to the atmosphere that left me feeling bored or disengaged.  Finding high quality teachers is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the yoga studio owner, as it is in any employee role in our modern Western culture.  If you can, speak with the owner of a Core Power studio and ask them how they have found such a committed group of teachers.  It makes all the difference.

Now, let’s shift gears here for a moment and talk about your website.  Especially in progressive areas, there are literally thousands of people searching on Google every month for yoga classes.  You want to familiarize yourself with the Google keyword tool so you can see how many people are searching for yoga in your local community.  The link for this awesome free tool is:

You can type in ‘yoga and your geographic location’ to do some online market research.  For instance, if your studio was in Denver, CO. you would type in ‘yoga Denver’ and make sure you keep the option open to include synonyms, as Google will then show you all of the searches for this and related keywords.  This is good to know, because if there are 10,000 people per month searching for yoga in your area, you would want to do everything possible to dominate the search engines for the keyword phrases you are targeting.  This alone can be profoundly helpful in building your yoga business.

Another critical factor is that your yoga website should have a really enticing free offer to get the web visitor to leave their contact information (name and email).  I recommend putting an opt in form in the upper right corner of your website and offering a free report, e-book, or mp3 audio that gives the visitor a lot of valuable information about yoga.

This is a way to quickly build trust and establish your yoga center as the ‘go to’ place in the local area.  It also builds your online list, which you want to grow as fast and as large as possible.  The bigger that list becomes, the bigger your yoga business will become.

There are many details that go into creating an effective online presence.  You can check out the web package I offer here:  Yoga Business Websites

Marketing a yoga business is a similar process to what many small business owners must undertake.  You should do a lot of business to business networking, finding complementary businesses to cross-market with (acupuncturists, dentists, chiropractors, MD’s, Curves, Pilates studios, fitness/rec centers, and so on), and just getting out there to make sure that EVERYONE in your local area is aware of your studio.

Many yoga studios struggle because they lack exposure.  This is largely due to the owner not being willing to take the necessary steps to network in the community.

I hope this brief article gives you some ideas of how to really succeed in your yoga business.  For more marketing tips, be sure to leave your name and email below.

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    This is the one of the awesome blogs that I ever read. The quantity of knowledge in here could be very impressive. This kind of article just isn’t easy to find. Nice job.

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